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The Foundation of Your Pet's Best Life Begins with Nutrition

Pet nutrition can be complicated. You love your pet, you are passionate about their nutrition, and you want to feed them the best diet possible.

All About Dogs & Cats understands your love and passion for your pets – we feel the same way!
Your pet may love to eat food from your plate. But just because he likes it does not mean it’s good for him.
Those table scraps could lead to extra pounds on your pet. More than half of all dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. 

But weight management is just the tip of the iceberg. The lack of proper nutrition can lead to many health-related problems, including food intolerances, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, pet diabetes, skin and coat ailments, renal disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor immune response.
Nutritional demands for dogs and cats vary due to many factors like life stage, size, breed, activity levels, physical health, and more.   

As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition will not do the job. Overwhelming? Yes! But don’t worry, our pet experts are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help you.

Cat Nutrition

Did you know that cats are strict carnivores? They can not survive without eating meat in some form. All cats require taurine, an amino acid that is important for normal heart function, vision and reproduction. Since taurine is found only in animal-based protein, all cats need meat-based diets to meet their nutritional requirements. The best diet for cats is one high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 

A quality cat food should include animal protein from such meats as turkey, chicken or beef, as well as fish and eggs. Feeding your cat a well-balanced diet assists in the healthy functioning and regeneration of body issues and helps keep their claws and fur healthy.

Obesity is also a growing issue and overweight cats are at risk for a multitude of problems such as arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, breathing problems, renal disease, heart disease, and a life expectancy lessened by as much as 20%.
No matter what your cat’s dietary needs are, the team at All About Dogs and Cats is ready to help you find the purrr-fect solution for your cat’s feeding needs.

Senior Pet Nutrition

Pets age much faster than people but a senior pet is still a unique individual, with a range of health challenges, declining activity levels and weight changes. This aging dictates a need to adapt their dietary requirements as well. All About Dogs & Cats understands our senior family members and can help make their golden years healthy and special.

Puppy and Kitten Nutrition

Puppy and Kittenhood is a time of massive physical change for your new family member. Nutrition tailored to this specific age and developmental growth is critical to help these fragile young kittens and puppies become strong, healthy cats and dogs. All About Dogs & Cats is ready to help these first steps be strong steps for baby!

Nutrition for Working Dogs

Working dogs and show dogs are the athletes of the canine world and as athletes they have a very demanding dietary requirement. Depending on what you are asking of your working dog or stage star you may need to feed them 1.5 to 2.5 times has much food as a couch potato. But not just any food will do. You need a food that is high in calories packing maximum energy and All About Dogs & Cats has the answer!

Nutrition for Pregnant/Nursing Dogs & Cats

It is true! The most demanding life stage for any pet is when they are pregnant or nursing. This critical time will put stress on the mother like no other and their nutrition must change to meet these demands. Malnourishment risks miscarriages and other health problems and directly impacts the ability to produce the milk critical to a new puppy or kitten. This need is multiplied by the size of the litter and breed of the mother. Set a path for a healthy start and a healthy mom. All About Dogs and Cats is ready to be your resource for a great start in life!

Giant Breed Dog Nutrition

Large breed dogs equal large breed responsibilities, especially when it comes to choosing the best dog food. Feeding a properly formulated, high-quality diet is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. You want your giant breed pooch to live a long, healthy, active life and that begins with good nutrition. Let All About Dogs & Cats partner with you to find that nutrition.

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