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mud puppies self-service dog wash, inside all about dogs & cats

Bathing your pet is important – although your furry friend might try to convince you otherwise! At Mud Puppies Dog Wash, located inside All About Dogs & Cats, we make it fun and stress-free!

Having a fresh-smelling pet is awesome but the fact is, bathing helps maintain your pet’s skin and coat and keeps them parasite free. Our self-serve dog wash stations are a quick and low-cost way to keep your pup clean without the stress and mess of bathing at home. 

No appointment is necessary, our self-service stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with the last wash being one hour before closing. When you arrive, check in with one of our pack members and we will get you started. Each wash station is enclosed for privacy and safety. Each professional waist-high tub has adjustable grooming tether loops to keep your pet securely inside the tub. No need to lift large dogs or pups with mobility issues as each dog wash features a ramp and easy to open door that securely locks closed, allowing for easy access. Each dog wash has an additional grate (available upon request) that fits across the width of the tub to elevate smaller dogs and non-slip ramps so larger dogs can easily get in the tubs.  We have fully adjustable hot and cold water and a nozzle with a pressure-sensitive handle.

Everything you need to wash your pet is provided – aprons to keep you dry, shampoo and conditioner, KONG ZoomGroom® for deshedding and more effective shampooing, and ear cleaner to dissolve ear wax and eliminate ear odor available upon request. Specialty shampoo (deshed / shed control, deodorizing) is available upon request for an additional $2 charge. And for the drying process, we provide fresh, clean towels, or use our forced air system dryer, which is available with or without heat and is safe and effective. Best of all, leave the clean-up to us. 

Please consult a staff member in advance of bringing your pet into the store, if they have been skunked or are suspected of having fleas or ticks.

Dog Friends
– $15 per dog, $10 for each additional dog during the same visit
Cat Friends - $10
Police Service Dogs – Free Everyday
Adopt a Dog Rescues – Bring in the Mud Puppies adoption coupon provided from the rescue organization and the first wash is FREE!

Self-Service Dog Wash

Our self-service dog wash permits you to stand in comfort at the dog washing station, and we provide all the things needed to give your dog a professional wash.

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